13km with #604photowalk

Yesterday, I met up with Brian (@bdshaler), Tomasz (@mananetwork), AJ (@GluttonwithaCam), Irving (@irvlau), Amy (@amyyyyyt), Tianna (@tiannaNK), Vince (@vincechow) and Tony (@dangerphoto) for a photowalk around the Vancouver downtown area.

I didn't actually find out about it until 15 minutes before the group met up, but luckily I successfully found them at Sun Yat-Sen around 2 hours later. I hear I missed an epic game of tag though...

Much thanks to Irving for actually answering his phone while everyone else was busy shuttering away. This is him above, with his impression of what gritty looks like. Rock that alleyway!

I love spiral staircases, but I've never seen a spiral fire escape before. I feel like that would make getting out of a burning building more difficult than it needs to be... but it looks awesome.

We also took jumping photos, because we're cool like that.

AJ showed us a rooftop parking lot in Chinatown where we can get a great view of the city.

The sun was just setting at this point - it was only 4 o'clock! The shortest day of the year is this week; I can't wait for the days to get longer again. It's seriously depressing waking up in the dark and coming home after work in the dark.

We ended the day at Foundation, where we may or may not have intimidated the waitress with all our camera gear. Those nachos are so delicious, especially after a nice long walk!

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