Silver Balls - Christmas with Derry and Malcolm


Mike and I put up our tree today! We picked up a Canadian Plantation tree from Kitsilano Secondary (which is open 7 days a week from 9am-9pm). It smells amazing and I think we did a pretty stellar decorating job too. We bought a huge box of 100 ornaments from Superstore a couple weeks ago for just $9.50 - best deal ever! A few of them were unusable, but the rest really filled out the tree. We even had a few left over. We got new lights too - last year's looked too blue for our liking. Please ignore the piece of string holding up our tree - our elliptical is holding up the tree at the moment (Mike says that's the most benefit we've gotten from that machine in the last little while). For some reason, the trees keeps leaning out of the tree stand - does anyone else have this problem?


Derry thinks it's cold and that dogs should hibernate in the winter. Since I keep waking him up, he's resorted to stealing my scarf. He thinks it's hilarious - little bugger.

Malcolm joined in by hanging his own little stocking. He says he's been good this year and hopes Santa will fill the stocking with some wood bites. Since he doesn't steal my scarf, he probably will get some nibbles.

We had leftover baubles, which are now hanging under the counter. I really like the silver glitter ones... but then again, I like all shiny things, so that's not a huge surprise. I am pretty excited for Christmas break, looking forward to some good food with family and friends.

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  1. Your tree looks fantastic Cicy! And Derry is seriously adorable haha.