An Evening with #604photowalk

On December 30, I went on another #604photowalk with AJ, Vince, Rachel and Tony. This time, we decided to do an evening stroll to capture Vancouver in the dark. A huge thank you to the group members for obliging as I ask them to stand and sit in certain places!

Vince worked on a light painting project to spell out #604photowalk - I can't wait to see the final result! [edit: see it here!]

Did anyone else know that the orca by the convention centre lights up at night?

We ended the evening at Elephant & Castle, where the service was subpar, but redeemed itself in the Bailey's cheesecake. A full review can be expected from AJ on his blog. [edit: Rachel posted her photos here] I look forward to more photowalks. I especially look forward to participating in Rachel's idea of doing a photo scavenger hunt!

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