New toys for the pets!

Mike and I got a new cage for Malcolm, which provided us with at least an hour of entertainment. I should have gotten an aquarium style cage from the beginning! He ran around his new home kicking up a storm of sawdust.

Malcolm runs so quickly in his little wheel that it moves around the cage. We're thinking about finding some way to stabilize it from hitting the sides of the aquarium, but for now perhaps we'll just remove the wheel at night. He has a very strict exercise regime of getting up every night at 2am... it's how he works off all those yoghurt bits we give him. I wish I was that unlazy.

Mike also had some fun with my new lens, and took the above photo of me and Derry. The little bugger needs to stop being so cute because he's totally stealing my thunder.

Mike has also discovered that Derry will play tug-a-war and fetch with us only after he has finished his dinner. At any other time, Derry ignores any toy that is being waved at his nose. However, after dinner he will sprint around the house and play like a real dog. Afterward, he will look completely satisfied with life, and plop on the couch, where he remains for the rest of the evening. What a little loser.

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  1. I like your way of presentation about the Malcolm and Derry... on above images your Derry looking very cute...