Faces of #604photowalk

So like I said in my last post, a group of us woke up early on Sunday morning for another #604photowalk, since AJ (@GluttonwithaCam) was back from travelling. Also present were the originals: Irving (@irvlau), Brian (@bdshaler), Tony (@Dangerphoto) and newcomers: Henry (@henryjue), Thomas (@tmasoo), Karin (@kkwkam), Nhi (@NoyoPhoto) and Diane (@_deelo).

I decided to focus on portrait shots for the day, so thank you to my models (for being patient while I fumble with my aperture settings as the rest of the group stops and stares at me... no pressure or anything)! I kid... if you're an amateur like me and you come along sometime (which you definitely should do), we won't embarass you (too much).

I should have gotten a closer picture of Diane's awesome ring. It's a camera... like a spycam! But not really. Nonetheless, very appropriate for our little photowalk.

I think this photo was my favourite shot of the day. I love how absolutely thrilled Karin looks, and the way Henry is awkwardly peeking out from behind the fourth pillar. Anyway, if you're interested in joining us for a photowalk, follow the hashtag #604photowalk on twitter and come out next time! There will likely be another one later in February.

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