St. Patrick's Day with #604photowalk


Went to the Fred Herzog exhibit yesterday with some others from #604photowalk that didn't get a chance to see the gallery last time (and some that were going again). In honour of Saint Patrick's Day, I am trying my hand at selective colouring... love all the green outfits around Gastown!


There was also this guy perched on a statue playing the accordion having a battle of words with the security guards. We didn't stay long enough to see what happened, but the music was great!





We wound up around Granville Street, where Tony intimidated the group of pigeons into flying away. Hopefully they won't poop on us next time as revenge!


  1. Slick green editing. Liked the last shot of the pigeons too! Nicely themed and put together into a set of solid photos :)

  2. Cicy! These photowalks are something! Your images look real 'slick', as Thomas (up there) puts it. Fricking awesome job.

  3. Thanks guys! I am loving the photowalks... challenges me to actually go out and take photos.