DIY Before and After - Old Suitcase

After browsing travel-themed wedding ideas in Pinterest, I decided to take the plunge and try my hand at refurbishing an old suitcase. I bought the above pale blue suitcase off craigslist and turned it into a card holder for our wedding's gift table.

First, Mike and I spraypainted the exterior with white... I had to do two layers, and used more than one can. I painted right over the metal clasps as well.

The inside fabric was very easy to rip out, but gluing the thin maps directly to the back would have been bumpy, so I cut out cardboard inserts to glue maps on.

First, however, I glued thinner strips to cover the sides. The maps came from Kana of @pawspix who had a few old maps that she no longer needed - thank you so much!!

Thanks to Mike for taking some of these pictures to document the process! After I lined the sides and backs with maps, I glued blue ribbon on the sides to cover up the parts of cardboard that didn't quite reach the sides. I also glued a piece of string to the back of the cardboard lining for the top with clothespins to hold up the cardboard letters.

I am quite satisfied with the final product! What do you think?


  1. AMAZING!!! and derry can fit right inside!!! very crafty - i like it!

  2. What a cute idea! Does it also fit within the theme of your wedding (if you have one)?

    xo, alison*elle

  3. I'm planning to have a travel-themed gift table so yes! =)

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE. I will fit myself in there and when you open it... SURPRISE MIKE & CICY.

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