Bridal Shower Thank You Cards and Marriage Advice

This one is a bit of a belated entry, but since the wedding is coming up in just a bit over one week, maybe it's a good time to post this. Here are the thank you cards I made for the girls who came to my bridal shower at the end of April!

I think one of my favourite parts of the bridal shower was reading the marriage advice that my (non-married) friends had to offer. Each piece of advice had to start with the letters of my first name. The tips, in general, can be summarized by one of the first ones: "Critical thinking is probably useful when reading these cards".

I thought I would just share a few favourites from the collection:
  • Cut the phone line if he wants to call the police (in relation to the next piece of advice...)
  • Imprison him. Then he can never get away.
  • Invest... in lots of cooking utensils so Mikey can make you lots of yummy meals.
  • "I do" → you should say this.
  • If you don't have anything nice to say, pretend and say something nice anyways.
  • In arguments, you are always right.
  • If you get mad, imagine yourself in an igloo to calm down.
  • Ice toes thoroughly before climbing into bed.
  • Claim as much closet space as possible (followed up by the next...)
  • Collecting shoes is a great way to accomplish this.
  • Console him when he's wrong... which will happen often.
  • Capitalize on Rachel's dog-sitting offer.
  • Cooperate when planning for global domination.
  • Costco Card! ← Call Kathleen if you want to get a Costco card!
    • Sidenote: we actually did follow this piece of advice today! Yay for bulk goods.
  • Yellow gold  ← what all your gifts should be made of (at the very least).
  • Yell louder than him - that's how you win fights.
  • Yes, you may eventually need to cook for him.

...I have such great friends who think Mike is just fantastic.


  1. LOOOL some of these advices are fantastic. props to their creativity!
    and those cards are amazing!!!
    bwa haha, i'm still holding on to your invitation card. that will be added to my hoarding collection permenantly

  2. For whatever reason, I really enjoyed reading this post. As Julie mentioned, the advice is solid and the cards are amazing!

    Have fun preparing for your big day (and Paris)!