Got Married!

Just wanted to give everyone a sneak preview of our wedding last night, before we head to Paris for our honeymoon! Thank you to Sabrina for posting her photos of us so quickly!

Walking down the aisle was, and probably will always be, the most terrifying, exciting, exhilarating, happy, most amazing experience of my life. Words cannot express the storm of emotions I felt!

We have spent today reading through cards, opening presents and looking through our guestbooks (we had a different question at each table), and it was great to relive the day that passed by so quickly. I think my favourite was my drunken friends' attempts to fill up one entire book (they did not succeed, hehe).

The delicious cupcakes were made by Candice of Love Your Cake. Absolutely adorable!

I promise that we'll show more photos later on when things get settled - and of course, close-ups on all those details!

Here's a photo of our first dance taken by Tomasz! All in all, the wedding was beyond perfect. Everything came together more seamlessly than I imagined, and I am so thankful to everyone that helped us through the years, and especially those that came early to help out, and share in our very special day!

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  1. Congratulations and welcome to the club. Us married people have a secret handshake and everything. ;)