Honeymoon in Paris

If I could describe Paris in one word, it would be "stairs". Mike and I had such a work-out, I'm sure his Grouse Grind buddies are going to be impressed next time they go. In short though, I did love the city - my favourite part was breakfast. I could eat pain au chocolat every day and never bore of them. How can one pastry be so soft and crunchy at the same time?! I am also proud to say that Mike and I got through more than one meal entirely in French - who knew those 6 years of classes in high school could be so useful? Okay, so there were a few times when I was asked a question and I looked utterly lost and stupid, but that's what Mike is for! Since it was our honeymoon, I am going to spam this post with pictures of us making out. Here you go!

1. Taken when we first arrived in Paris, on one of the bridges going across the Seine. So glad to be off the plane!
2. At the Hall of Mirrors in the Palace of Versailles. Beautiful location, but the washrooms were super gross. No seat covers! I just can't handle no seat covers!
3. After walking up the mountain (and learning afterward there was an elevator) then another 300 steps to the dome at Sacre Coeur. Amazing view - the crypt is a total tourist trap though.

4. Another thing I love about Paris? Their metro lines go everywhere. You can't walk two blocks on a major street without finding a metro entrance. We stayed near La Motte-Picquet which connected to three different lines, and got us anywhere we could possibly want to go.
5. Outside the Louvre, sitting at the fountains to give our poor feet a break. Beautiful venue, though I admit neither of us had any art history knowledge and could properly appreciate the wealth within the museum.
6.  A quick stroll in the Luxembourg Gardens. We were lucky enough to have sunshine on our entire week (with a few showers while we were indoors, but didn't affect us much). Lots of couples fondling each other there, so we fit right in.

7. Another photo while walking across the Seine, this time near the Eiffel Tower! We didn't take a picture making out while we were at the top, unfortunately, but we did see the fantastic view (it was on my birthday!).
8. On our last evening in Paris, we took the Bateaux Mouche boat tour along the Seine while the sun was setting.
9. Perfect way to end our Paris trip... but the honeymoon is only beginning! =)


  1. You guys are just the cutest!!! Congratulations again. I think we should go for a pain au chocolat and you can tell me all about the wedding and Paris :)

  2. What is with all this making out pictures? ;)

    EE! So so excited you're back! Date soon so I can give you the video. ha. xo