Fun and (mostly) Affordable Date Night Ideas

I'm sure every couple eventually gets to the point when they feel like they are just spending way too much time indoors on the couch watching TV, surfing the web, and just not talking to each other in general. Mike and I surely have, and it's starting to creep up again now that all of the wedding preparation and general chaos has calmed down. So, to save you time googling "things for couples to do when bored" like we did that one time, here's a list of fun things to do you can do with your significant other!

  • Brainstorm and sketch your dream home - Then build it in Lego. Or just keep them for the future, because who knows?

  • Have a photo scavenger hunt - Check out the checklists at Simple as That for some ideas.

  • Have a board games night - We just bought ourselves Small World, and Mike has been kicking my butt at it. Other than the obvious Scrabble, Chess, Checkers, try Settlers of Catan if you have not already. This is also great as a double date!

  • Look through old photo albums from before you were dating - Bonus points if you find old school books and read diary entries from elementary.

  • Try a new sport or activity - Mike and I loved our dance lessons in preparation for the wedding. Next up, we have rock-climbing and jet skiing on our list of things to try.

  • Walk to the park and play on the swings - Let your inner kid out!

  • Play 20 Questions - Write 20 open-ended questions about your mate  and take turns asking one another.

  • Refurbish a piece of furniture - Surf Pinterest for inspiration. For a smaller project, pick up small knick-knacks from a thrift store and spray paint them to decorate around the house.

  • Make a time capsule of your relationship - Write notes to each other but don't read them until your anniversary. Complete with small meaningful trinkets and tickets/receipts/photos from other date nights.

  • Go to the Zoo - Take pictures of each other imitating the animals outside each exhibit.

  • Decorate mugs for each other - Buy two plain white mugs from a thrift store and draw designs with sharpie. Bake for 30 minutes at about 175°C (see tutorial here).

  • Learn a foreign language - Closely linked with the next idea...

  • Plan your dream vacation - Choose a location, pick activities you would like to do, and start saving up!

  • Paint on canvas together - Either split one down the middle to contrast your styles or have one each! Canvas can be really cheap from the dollar store or you could splurge at Raw Canvas.

If you're as lucky as us to live in the Lower Mainland, here are some more specific ideas:

  • Fly a kite down at Garry Point Park by Steveston - Follow it up with a walk along the water to the wharf, where you can get fish & chips from Pajos and some delicious gelato!

  • Picnic at Vanier Park by Kits Beach - Might I recommend take-out from Meat and Bread? Sit on one of the benches, enjoy the view, and make all of the dogs jealous from the delicious smells.

  • Bike ride around Stanley Park - I can't wait to cruise around the seawall... once the weather clears up on a weekend!

  • Check out the Museum of Vancouver - if their jukebox is still working (in the permanent 50's exhibit) , put a quarter in and have yourself a little dance.

For one of our wedding guestbooks, we asked the question "What should we do on Date Nights?" - along with the drawing above, here are some of the suggestions we received:

  • Deep Cove KayakTour - followed by dinner and massage.

  • Cook together - followed by a chick flick, popcorn, then a bubble bath.

  • Skinny Dipping - this was followed by a drawing of either a bikini set, or a strangely happy face wearing a hat.'

  • Role Play:

    • Mike: Pizza delivery guy

    • Cicy: Don't have enough cash for pizza

    • Figure out the rest!

  • Fill the tub with bubbles and jump in. Then see who can pop the most bubbles.

  • Dinner on top of Seymour under a clear sky with stars out and love making.

There seems to be a general trend in these... But these are probably my favourite (very serious) answers:

  • Circus School! - Learn to do the silks together.

  • Instructions for "Baby-Making Time":

    • Put on baby-making music.

    • Reenact a scene from "50 Shades of Grey"

    • Baby!

  • Something crazy and something you've never done before. Stealing a sign would be an idea. Just be discreet. - As suggested by one friend who was clearly taking advantage of the open wine bar ;)

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  1. i love the refurbish furniture and DIY mugs idea :D

    ill try them out...when i have a date. LOL