Cubicle Decor - DIY Office Away Board

The best part of my new job is getting a cubicle of my own to decorate! I'll post some other photos of my cubicle soon, but for now, here is a sneak-preview of my DIY away board. I like having a whiteboard to leave messages outside the cubicle, and this corkboard/whiteboard combo was on sale at Staples!

Using the printables from this site, I made different indicators for where I might be during a normal work day.

A magnetic arrow marks which phrase is in effect. The board's made me a few friends, co-workers who noticed the bit of colour around the office and popped their head in to say hello. Of course, the difficult part is remembering to change the marker every time I leave the cubicle or come back!

Anyone else out there living the cubicle life? What little things do you have to make your office a bit brighter?


  1. !! WHoaa!! you MADE this board? SOOO CUTE! love it!
    Howd you make the status tags? just printed on cardboard paper :O?

  2. Haha, well I bought the cork/whiteboard from Staples and then added to it =) Yup, just printed the status tags. I actually just used normal printer paper, but it probably would be even better on cardboard!