DIY Glitter Heels

Want to change up a pair of old shoes? All you need is a bottle of glitter flakes, about half a bottle of liquid glue and a bit of water. I also used a chopstick for stirring, but the paintbrush in the picture was pretty useless.

First, pour about half a bottle of glue into the cup, and add a bit of water. Use enough to make the mix easy to stir, but not enough to become watery. I initially used too much water and the gold glitter started to bleed toward the lower part of the shoe instead of staying in place. Add a ton of glitter to the mixture. I started with one layer of glitter, but a lot of the colour was still showing through, so I wound up adding more glitter to the water/glue mix. Stir really well to make sure the glitter pieces are lined with glue.

Toward the end, I had a super thick mixture, which I just smeared on the shoe with one end of the chopstick. As you're waiting for the glue to try, keep the cup of the glue/glitter mix handy, because there will likely be a few missing patches of gold. I let my shoes dry overnight before patching up the shoes. Some of the thicker parts weren't dry yet, so even if there weren't any missing patches, I would have let the shoes dry for longer. Also, the bottoms of the shoes did stick to the newspaper a bit, but nobody will see them, so it's all right!

This is the final result! I am quite satisfied with the result. For the most part, the glitter is staying put, but I haven't worn them out yet. It'll be interesting to see if I shed a path of gold as I walk.

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