My Cubicle!

Happy Monday! As promised, here's a look at my cubicle. I'm standing against a wall as I take this picture.

My away board is hung outside the cubicle along with my nametag and in-tray. Mounting tape didn't keep the board up so I had to improvise with the clips. So far it's working.

Inside the cubicle - I spraypainted a few wooden frames from the dollar store - dollar store frames are light enough to actually hang up on the cubicle walls. On the right is an IKEA poster a coworker gave me.

My UBC penguin keeps me company, and Derry (of course) is on my desktop. My coworkers keep teasing me for having a neat desk - I didn't clean up specially for the picture, it normally looks like this! Also I found the left side of the cubicle a bit dark, so I brought in an IKEA lamp to brighten up the space.

I love the pattern on the lamp. It sits on top of my paper tray... haven't had the need to use the top slot yet.

On the right is my little personal corner with a digital frame alternating photos of Derry and friends, and another dollar store frame of Mike and my wedding photo. The hanging necklace has an abacus pendant (because I'm studying to be an accountant, naturally). And yes, the plants/flowers are fake.

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  1. I like what I see - Looks Great!
    (I should renovate my cube...)