2012 in Review

2012 is almost over! I thought I would take the opportunity to look back and see what we've done this past year:
  • Had some good times with #604photowalk
  • Went to Vegas twice! Once with my mom and once with my girlfriends for my bachelorette party
  • Went to Portland with Mike (again!)
  • Got married!
  • Went to Paris
  • Switched jobs from Conferences and Accommodation to UBC Enrolment Services
  • Started the CGA program
  • Went to Hong Kong
  • Mike graduated the CGA program


  1. hey...just dropping in to say happy new year! hope all is well with you, the now husband, and derry!


  2. Hi, I stumbled upon your blog randomly and your dog is so cute!! and your posts are really interesting as well. I was wondering what you do with your dog when you're at work? Does he stay at home? I'm curious because I have a dog (in Vancouver) as well but she doesn't like being home alone... daycare is not really an option because she is scared of other dogs (she's a shelter dog)!

  3. Hi Esther,

    Thanks for stopping by! Yea, Derry stays at home while I'm at work - he's an angel though, he just sleeps while we're out and never makes a mess. That's a tough one for you, maybe have her at home, but hire a dog-walker to stop by once or twice while you're working? Eventually you can probably also train her to socialize with other dogs, but until then, a dog-walker might be a temporary solution.


  4. Thanks for taking the time to respond! You're lucky your dog is good by himself :) the dog walker suggestion is a great idea, I never really considered that actually.