Cute Ocean Themed Pop-up Card

My friend Megan had been begging asking me to make her a card ever since she found out about my Cricut machine... and this is the result! I gave it to her today so I can finally blog about it. And yes, I like puns. There's probably a funnier pun out there, but her favourite animals are penguins and sea turtles and I couldn't think of anything better at the time.

Who wants to be my next card project recipient? Just comment below with your best pun. Er... assuming I have your address or some method of getting the card to you.


  1. ive never heard of this!? is this some crazy fancy card making/cutting machine? how does it work? do u design ur own drawings? or are they set?

    I'd LOVE one btw ;D

  2. O mee meeee!!! I wannaaaa!!! Looks sooo goood O____O!

    How about...
    "I ain't lion when I say you're possum!"

    "You have all the koalafications to be a superstar!"

    Lol I'll think of more if those aren't good enough :p

  3. Hahaha those are hilarious! Okay Julie, you get the next one.

  4. Really? It's pretty popular - I have the Cricut Mini but I actually recommend getting a different brand because I am unfortunately unable to design my own cuts - which means I have to buy cartridges if I want different designs. They have a decent selection but I would like the chance to expand my set.

    Anyway, I'm going to email you for your address Karin :)

  5. Yeeeee!!! So excited !!
    Okay and my method of delivery : in person !!
    Dessert date yesh?! :D

  6. Of course! Dessert date is the best method of delivery.