A Tea Party and a Pun-tastic Card

Yesterday was my friend Julie's birthday party and she threw an adorable tea party potluck. She made the macaroons (above) herself, and they were delicious!

These savoury bites were from Costco (love that place haha). I didn't get photos of all the dishes, but there were a lot of cookies, scones, some cupcakes, cream puffs - much more food than any of us could finish - I still have some leftover treats!

Julie also made these ham, cheese and raisin mini croissants. Not pictured, she made awesome cucumber sandwiches (which I almost made, so phew that I didn't because mine would be not as tasty as hers!) I did however make curried tuna salad with golden raisins on rye bread (mini sandwiches) and they tasted okay (yay for my non-existent culinary skills)!

This teapot is sitting on top of a mini candle to keep it warm! What a cute idea.

We all got to drink out of a collection  of gorgeous bone china teacups. I need to get myself a few ;)

Lastly, here's the birthday card I made for Julie, featuring her own pun! I bought the Cricut Teddy Bear Parade Cartridge so now my Create a Critter creatures can dress up in fancy costumes like the koala shown here! =)

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