3 Girls. 7 Deadly Sins.

May is a great time for Vegas - the weather is warm without being too stuffy. Two girlfriends and I were there for four nights to celebrate Megan's graduation (finally). What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas... except what goes on Facebook, and these seven deadly sins.


No, we did not hire any strippers with three boobs from the guys who hand out naked pictures on the streets... as much as my friends were eager to do so before we actually arrived. Instead, we watched the amazing Cirque show Zumanity. We expected artistic nudity, but it surprised us in its exploration of sensuality, fetishes, and pretty much ended in an all-out orgy on stage. The artistic side was present as well, in its typical Cirque fashion... a flawless, rehearsed performance with acts that amaze and defy gravity. My favourite was the aerial silk hula hoop girl (dressed in a tiny schoolgirl outfit, because it's Zumanity) who twirled above our heads while hula hooping - one time even balancing at least 15 hula hoops on her body in the air.

And of course, there were these gentlemen. Look at me awkwardly touching that photo. Next to Cirque, the performance left much to be desired, but as entertainment? Great for laughs.


The real reason I keep coming back to Vegas? Shopping. It's like all the best buyers are in Vegas - the selection is impeccable. I especially love that the sales racks are always full of my sizes, unlike Vancouver where apparently everyone is my size and I can never get what I want on sale. Vegas is also full of luxury brand names that are difficult to find in Vancouver (probably a good thing, or I'd be even poorer than I am now).

There were two items in particular that I would love to have (but not as much as keeping the money on the price tag). First, a pair of Alexander McQueen sunglasses (although unlike the photo, I liked the red pair) with a gorgeous cat eye shape and a classy side wave. Next, a pair of Valentinos that I have been craving ever since the first time I saw them in Holt Renfrew. This trip, I actually tried them on and know my size. So uh... if anyone wants to give me a really generous birthday present, just ask.


Now don't get me wrong... I still spent a decent portion of savings on shopping (actually, I exceeded the claim maximum for crossing the border), and I'm proud of the awesome things I bought. My best spend? $100 on an Elie Tahari dress regularly priced at $400. It's so beautiful!

Also, I bought shoes. Okay, not all of the above shoes were mine, but I did spend enough to have to check a bag on the flight home... luckily, I flew WestJet on the way home so the checked bag was free!


This Vegas trip was my first experience playing cards in a casino! Granted, Megan and I were so cheap that we went off the strip to find $5 Blackjack. Before sitting down, I told her I would stop if I reached $25 (after buying in at $20) but after we both won the first round, we just kept playing. Luckily for me, greed worked in my favour as I still cashed out with a $12.50 profit... didn't work out as well for Megan. In short, we can safely say the casino was the real winner.


Feeling like a baller, I went on to have the most expensive meal of my life. The service at Bartolotta was beyond extraordinary, and the way the menu was presented was spectacular. I greatly enjoyed the appetizers - cringed only a little at the yummy loin of rabbit. There was plenty of seafood to go around. The restaurant specializes in cooking imported fish from Italy, which comes to their kitchen 5-6 times a week. Unfortunately, while the price reflects this, the taste of the main dish does not. Still, the fish is plated in front of the table, and the presentation is beautiful.

I'd probably go back... but instead of ordering a seriously overpriced fish (or at least have more people share a smaller fish), I would order more appetizers (including their smaller plates of pasta which were also delicious) and end with their "symphony of desserts".

Bartolotta Ristorante di Mare on Urbanspoon


After pigging out, we felt the need to lie in the sun like piggies. While I've been to Vegas multiple times before, this is my first time during pool season, and I can't imagine why I haven't gone at this time of the year more often. The beds by the pool were indirectly under mist sprays that went off periodically to cool off a bit.


Unfortunately all good things must come to an end. And all I get to do now is blog about it... until next time!
Disclaimer: Photos in this post were taken by Megan and Lucy as I was too lazy to carry a camera.

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