Leaving on a Jet Plane, but first...

Tomorrow Mike and I will be going on an adventure to Disneyworld (and yes, Megan, possibly the Harry Potter theme park) amidst the thunderstorms in the forecast. It'll be just like our first year of dating again - when every date we went on was pouring rain. Mike reminded me that during our trip we will celebrate the two year mark from when he proposed. At which I responded by asking why he didn't propose with a puppy like this guy. That's married life for ya ;) But anyway, before we go, I wanted to share a few cards I've given out in the last week. First, congratulations to Gary and Laura on their beautiful wedding at the Shangri-La (card above). We promise to be over soon to see your new house.

Next up, two birthday cards - one belated (Sabrina - above) and one early (Megan - below)! It seems to be a common trend among my friends to be out-of-town for their birthdays (I'm guilty of this as well). I'm probably a bit more jealous of Sabrina's euro-trip than Megan's work trip to... uhm... middle-of-nowhere? It's okay though, we'll make up for it when you're back!

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