Stitch Around the World

Mike and I have just returned from Disney World! Everyone loves pointing out that it is not Disneyland in California. Disney World is in Orlando, Florida and consists of four separate parks (we spent a day at each): Magic Kingdom (with the Cinderella Castle), Hollywood Studios (has a lot of stunt shows, similar to Universal in California), Animal Kingdom (kind of like a zoo, but with the fake Tree of Life in the centre) and Epcot (a focus on futuristic technology, and has sections of the park dedicated to different countries around the world). It was super rainy during our week there, but on the bright side, it meant there were very few lines.

We also went to Universal Studios in Orlando, which consisted of way cooler roller coasters, a few hilarious simulators/shows, and of course, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Yes, I had butterbeer, and yes, it was delicious. The only sunny day happened to be the day we were leaving (actually, it started pouring on our way to the airport), but since our flight was in the evening, we went back to Epcot, which was hosting an International Food and Wine Festival. While munching on some yummy bites, I also took a few pictures with my newfound friend Stitch in "different places around the world". How many countries can you identify in the pictures below? (answers at the bottom)

Left to right, top to bottom: Canada, England, France, India, Japan, USA, Italy, Germany, Africa, China, Norway, Mexico

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