2013 in Review

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, everyone! I love the holidays. As per usual, it's a great time to think back on the awesome things that have happened in 2013.

There were a lot of board game nights. We are now such snobs that we think Settlers of Catan is boring. Luckily, we seem to make up each time (over lots of food) after completely kicking each other's ass and betraying each other so we still have friends.

I fully embraced my inner (not-so-inner) nerd, dressing up with my friend Rachel to attend Vancouver's Fan Expo as Lady Deathstrike (she was Spider Jerusalem - I helped make those glasses).

We went on a totally random trip to Leavenworth, this tiny tourist town in the States, with a group of friends we now affectionately call "The Crew". We proved that we are true carnivores.

We also went on a less random trip to Rome, Italy, with an overnight trip out to Amalfi and Pompei. We got to immerse ourselves in amazing architecture and delicious food.

This view made my year - the bus ride from Sorrento to Amalfi was both terrifying and beautiful. Terrifying because of the narrow roads and steep cliff drop if we make a wrong turn - and beautiful because mountains and colourful houses and ocean and the seafood. Oh man, the seafood.

And of course, a couple weddings. I actually got to attend the first wedding that was not my own! I am also very much so looking forward to a couple that are expected in the future =)

Other awesome things that happened:
  • Got promoted to Financial Analyst - with the best bosses I can hope for
  • Did some painting with co-workers at Raw Canvas
  • Went to Disneyworld in Florida
  • Went to Vegas again (twice)...
  • Watched a Star Wars Burlesque show
  • Sat in the Club 500 seats (first time!) for a Canucks game
  • Derry learned to fetch! (y'know, with a bit of edible motivation)

Did I mention Mike made a TURDUCKEN (chicken in a duck in a turkey, stuffed with sausage, wrapped in bacon) this year? We had these lovely people over to enjoy it with us! I am so blessed to have such a wonderful group of friends - friends that I have now known for half my life. Crazy! (PS. Goal = Level 80 in Guild Wars 2 by New Years)

Here's to hoping everyone at home or out-and-about are having a blast, and that 2014 rocks their socks off!

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