Valentines at the Everything Cicy Likes Restaurant

Happy Valentine's Day! Tonight Mike got dressed up all fancy and took me to the newly opened (one-day-only) Everything Cicy Likes Restaurant! I must say, I have some rave reviews about this place.

It's great having a husband who enjoys cooking. He made a menu, and brought out the tablecloth and candles!

For appetizers, we had smoked salmon and avocado, in the shape of a heart.

This was followed by a lovely lobster bisque, with a side of breadsticks.

The main course was a tasty seafood risotto with HUGE chunks of scallops and shrimp.

Finally, to end off the night, there were colourful macarons... well as the classics, a nanaimo bar, and a chocolate cake!

Above is the super romantic card that I made for my hubs. So really, before you get too disappointed about not having a partner like Mike... at least you're lucky enough not to be stuck with someone like me!

We also did a Valentine's swap at work, and above is the little card I made for my boss! Inside it says " wish you a very Happy Valentine's Day!" I thought I would leave the fart notes out of that one. Heh.

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