How to Make a Dalek Dress Costume

For Fan Expo Vancouver this year, I wanted to do a costume representing my new-found love for Doctor Who. My friend told me to watch the show a couple years ago, and I never got around to it... until now, and I've pretty much been binge-watching eight years worth (I still haven't quite finished, and I'm not sure what I'll do with myself once I run out). Therefore, I decided to do my own version of the Doctor's archenemy, the Daleks. But like, less intimidating... something more like the version by Kicking Cones below:

Uhm... close enough. Anyway, the costume was super easy, so I thought I would jot down how it was done, and then somebody can do this again way better than me.

First, buy a bag of plastic easter eggs. Conveniently, Fan Expo happened on Easter long weekend so these were on sale, hurrah! For your convenience, pick ones that have two holes on each side. Any colour will do, but yellow was the easiest to spray paint, as those only required one coat. Gold spray paint is fun though, so extra coats means you can make a bigger mess. To make sure they don't stick to the newspaper, use a toothpick through the small holes to move the eggs around before they dry. Spray paint tip - do multiple thin layers and let dry in between, rather than smudging too much paint all at once.

Once the eggs have thoroughly dried, pick a dress that you don't particularly care about, and start sewing. I used white thread, and used a needle to string the thread through the inside of the dress, through the two holes in the egg, then back through the inside of the dress, and tied the two ends together. Tie the knots well... I did wind up losing a few throughout the day when I wore the costume, but only because I'm a huge klutz. Since I used white thread, I ran over the visible part with gold sharpie so the thread didn't stand out as much. I also tied two egg halves to a black hairband for the luminosity dischargers.

Finally, I attempted to tie gold ribbon around the chest but after several failed attempts, I gave up and bought a chunky gold necklace (thanks Forever 21 for being so cheap). It'll make sense to everyone anyway as long as you bring along a plunger/whisk/paint rollers (I didn't... I was that lazy). The last step is to find a Tardis, and smile like you defeated the Doctor, but not really because he's awesome, you just want to be his best friend but every time he sees you, he's like "MY ENEMY!" and it makes your feeling super hurt so you order his extermination but you didn't mean it, not really...

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  1. This is so cute! I love the adaptation of a cute dress to make it Daleky without having to cover yourself in layers of cardboard and foam. Brilliant! :D