Art World Expo 2014

This weekend I attended the Art World Expo at Science World. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I'm sure glad I went... it was full of talented artists such as Tanya LeHoux, who painted the beauty above.

In addition to painters, there were unique art pieces such as the steampunk jewellery by Carolyn Bruce designs. Of course, those hit a soft spot with me, having incorporated a Tardis (or as Megan excitedly pointed out to me, "that blue box thingie I like so much").

Some artists combined painting with other medias, such as this lovely duo, Yves Rene and Natasha Kriouchkova. I love that they dressed to match the paintings, which are mostly black and white with a dash of red, plus pretty jewels to add the perfect amount of sparkle.

Artist Tim Motchman of Cedar Visions was in attendance, bringing two otters to life. Each of his pieces take approximately 50 hours, and the finished product feels as smooth as silk. Here are two of his otters, titled "Along for the Ride":

One of my favourite things about art is that two artists depicting the exact same thing can create something drastically unlike one another. It brought a lot of variety to the Art World Expo, making each booth its own distinct experience.

Another wood sculptor was Jesse Toso, who works in a completely different style. A large spider suspended from the ceiling was a popular attraction in his booth.

My favourite piece was the gorgeous painting of Gastown above, "Steam Dream", by Ms. Vicki Lynn Rae. The colour combinations are just perfection!

Here are my silly friends trying on some of the headgear at the expo. On the left is Annie, wearing a headdress from the Scheherazade Banoo Headdress Collection. On the right is Megan with a top hat (artist unknown). Overall, it was a unique and incredibly fun experience - I would highly recommend attending it next year!

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