2016 in Review

Another year gone, and it's time for my annual blog post!

I've made many wonderful memories this year, including this trip to Sparkling Hill with Megan...

...finally climbing the Chief...

...and making out with my boo all around New York.

In the summer, I caught the Pokemon craze and enjoyed many long walks with Derry.

But we took time to do non-electronic things too - like the time we cycled 34 km in one day!

We went on a fantastic trip with our friends to Half Moon Bay as well.

We added a new family member with Macho, our feisty little gerbil who proceeded to nom on his foot in the first week he was adopted so that we would take him on our family trip to Salt Spring Island.

Derry loved the little guy, but he also loved spending some alone time with his humans.

In October, we went on a road trip to Whistler for Woof Weekend. We spent the entire weekend catering to Derry and his friends, including a gala dinner in which the dogs were served their meals alongside the humans.

A month later, Derry passed away, leaving a hole in my heart. In his memory, I got my first tattoo.

We realized we had room in our home and hearts for a new love, and adopted our sweet girl Aurora. Despite our great loss, we know Derry is watching over us from heaven, and we are looking onward to 2017 and making new memories.

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