2017 in Review

Has it been a year already? 2017 seems to have zoomed by! Speaking of zooms, Mike and I started the year with the purchase of a new car - Nikita!

We went zoom zoom with her to many new places, such as Tofino, where we braved the rain to check out the many beautiful beaches and trails.

We also took her on a road trip through the rockies, where we stopped in Jasper and Banff for the amazing view.

We picked the perfect year for our road trips, as we were able to use the Canada 150 pass to get into the many wonderful national parks for free!

In the summer we spent time on the island, adventuring around Victoria...

And we finally got to stay in the amazing Free Spirit Spheres on Qualicum Beach.

We even did some cave exploring in Horne Lake!

It's been a great year at work - I got to meet President Ono at a breakfast with the president event.

I went to my first conference and made a presentation for WARUCC (Western Association of Registrars of the Universities and Colleges of Canada)! I'm very lucky to have support from my bosses, including Kate Ross, our registrar.

I had some great new experiences with my Student Financial Services team, and I was promoted to Associate Director, which has made the last quarter of 2017 a challenging, but exhilarating blur.

My year would of course be incomplete without mention of dogs. Beyond the fun activities with Aurora in my previous post, I want to celebrate two victories this year. In May, my friends and I participated in an anti-BSL (breed specific legislation) walk to protest the pitbull ban in Montreal. The bylaw has finally been scrapped in the last couple weeks.

In June, I attended a city council meeting for the first time to witness their unanimous vote to ban sales of cats, dogs and rabbits at pet stores. The amended bylaw was put in place this month and is a major win against impulse pet purchases and puppy mills.

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Finally, I'd like to share my new year's resolution for 2018: to spend even more time with Aurora! My goal is to teach her one new trick every month. In the last year, Aurora has learned the following tricks: sit, down, wait (for treat), spin, roll over, play dead, shake paw, high five, up (on something), sit pretty, figure eight through legs, and weave through legs. Most of these I consider basic skills, so I think it's time to double down! Stay tuned to our instagrams (her and me) for updates on our progress!

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